About SocialliiASD

Connect + Collaborate = Create Your Community


SocialliiASD is a registered not for profit organization focused on providing a safe and fun environment to help people 18+ on the autism spectrum connect and build relationships.

Our focus is to build an organization that will be run by members of the autism community so that it grows in to what their vision is for personal and leadership development.



A non-judgmental meeting platform that facilitates autistic people who are 18+ to connect with people with similar interests and abilities. The focus is to expand social networks, branch out current interests, build a space for ASD creatives to connect, provide personal development opportunities and develop stronger relationship skills.



Our mission is to develop into an organization that is run by ASD members for ASD members which focuses on providing the best, safest and most easily used online platform to meet and connect locally. Groups can be run by local organizations to whom SocialliiASD will provide support.


What’s a minifesto? It’s our community code made up from our vision and splashed with our mission!


All members will be 18+, identify as being on the autism spectrum, be independent in social settings and be willing to put the time in to building relationships.  All members will act with respect and kindness to all other members of SocialliiASD and have compassion and understanding for individuals personalities and abilities.

 * We will embrace individuality, creativity and freedom of expression as long as it is respectful of other members.

 * We will build and maintain a collaborative mindset around group development and direction.

 * We will meet members where they are in regards to social interaction and will respect the way that they choose to engage with the group.

 * All ideas are an opportunity for experimentation and evaluation and are welcome in the discussion as long as they are not offensive.

 * We will deliver monthly social opportunities which are age and interest appropriate and are driven by the members of SocialliiASD.

 * A growth mindset for self advocacy leadership will be encouraged through offering trainings, workshops, access to mentors and peer support.

 * The SocialliiASD board will have at least 40% of the positions filled by members of the autism community.

* We will be an inclusive group which welcomes whole heartedly members who identify on the LGBTQ2+ spectrum.

 * Bullying, demeaning speech or any hateful expression will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate intervention and possible removal of the individual from the group.

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