Autism Job Club

Supporting the Neurodiverse Workforce

We are a volunteer run, volunteer driven community program. We are supported by an autistic lead board and create program opportunities in response to member engagement.

About Us


One of the main focuses of the Autism Job Club is creating community. A safe space to learn, connect and be yourself. Sometimes it’s easier to try new things when you know you’ve got folks who understand what you’re going through and can share their experiences with you.


When you’re trying to gain new skills, work towards employment or navigate an issue, life gets easier when resources that you can identify with are easily available.


Volunteering is what makes the Autism Job Club tick. Without volunteers, Autism Job Club just doesn’t work. Why? Because it’s a lot of work! The great thing is that if you are looking for a job, adding volunteer experience to your resume looks great and it creates transferable skills.

Career Opportuntites

Part of the reason we’re offering Autism Job Club as part of SocialliiASD is that Spero Careers Canada is the sponsoring organization. At Spero, the focus is on solving the autism unemployment crisis and the network of job opportunities and services continues to grow!


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