Having goals is great and achieving them is even better. It’s so overwhelming to have goals and no idea what to do next, having support in achieving your goals is crucial. Think about who in your life can help. Some people might be: your parents, teachers, job coaches, social workers or even friends. These people in your life might ask you “what can I do to help” so it’s good to think about what they can do.

When I went about getting support from others to help me achieve my goals I started to think about where my weak spots are. One of my weak spots is spelling so when I made a resume I had my mom help by editing and spell checking it. I also don’t have the best social awareness so I have my best friend help me pick out what to wear to an interview. Everyone has different weak spots and getting someone who can fill those gaps for you is a great strategy for achieving goals

The biggest supporter and person who can help achieve your goals is you! Holding yourself accountable is one of the best ways to work towards achieving a goal and build independence. Some of the ways I hold myself accountable are: making to-do lists, important dates and events on my calendar and telling someone when I make a step towards my goal so they can cheer me on.

Hold yourself accountable, reach out for support and keep working towards your potential!

Getting support for achieving your goals is important!

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