Meet Justin DeMone


Hi, my name is Justin DeMone and Welcome to this page! Have you ever wanted to become more and transform your life but were unsure how to go about it? You are in the right place! I am a personal trainer who specializes in martial arts practises such as Qi Gong for the purpose of cultivating inner strength, clarity, and calmness of mind. 

Personal background

I was diagnosed as autistic when I was a child. As I was growing up, I never had a lot of inner strength, clarity, or calmness of mind. I was the kid in class who couldn’t sit still and had trouble focusing. I also lacked confidence with my peers and the motivation to put forth much effort because I didn’t know I could be anything different. These limitations persisted and were present in many areas of my life for years to follow all the way up until when I went off to university. At some point I realized that I wouldn’t have much of a future if I didn’t put any effort into my life, so I started trying a lot harder. As it turns out simply putting in a lot of effort doesn’t get results as I have also learned. What I was really doing was trying to force myself to do the things that I thought I should do, while out of ignorance, avoiding what would actually lead to the most growth. 

I was in the science stream at the University of Guelph because people told me I was good at science and it wasn’t because it was actually something I wanted to do, it ultimately lacked meaning, sure it would get me a good job and lots of money, but it was an empty pursuit. I dropped out and even though it was frightening at the time because of how lost I felt, it was the best decision of my life. 

I found an online program that really changed things for me, I had decided that I need to change. The program was for the length of an entire year and really covered everything. It was taught from Shaolin traditions by the headmaster of Shaolin Temple Europe, Master Shi Heng Yi. For those who are looking for a longer and more thorough program taught by a master with over 30 years of experience then I highly recommend visiting Shaolin.Online. I learned valuable and ancient forms and techniques for transforming the mind, body, and spirit. The methods that I found to be the most beneficial to my life and that I still practice to this day are what I would like to teach to others in my own program. My approach to teaching these methods will be distinct from how they are presented in the 12-month Self-Mastery program on Shaolin.Online. I will teach them from my own perspective on how they have been working for me. I have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and have found the methods that I wish to share to be extraordinarily helpful in managing and even transforming the challenges and limitations that I experience. I am hoping to give to others with similar challenges what I have been able to give myself. Inner strength, clarity, and calmness of mind.

If I am to identify and define myself by what certificates I have earned, then I would be a personal trainer and a martial artist. Most recently I have set my eyes on the fitness industry and have taken the time to earn an ISSA personal training certification where I learned fundamental knowledge in the area of personal training and fitness. One of the key things I used this knowledge for was in designing the 8 weeks Self-Discovery program according to principles of program design. In all honesty the certification is nice to look at, but I see it as having questionable value. The knowledge I have gotten pales in comparison to real world experience and application. This is part of the reason I decided to join Goodlife Fitness gym to learn how to do resistance training and cardio training. I learn the best by doing. I learn current day cardio training regimens from the classes I attend twice a week. When I have acquired enough experience in resistance training which I identified as a weakness in my own training then I would feel more comfortable teaching it to other people. 

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