NANAWorks Client Management Platform

We exist to build employment solutions for autistic job seekers by asking, listening and being creative.

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We’ve spoken to a lot of employment coaches and counsellors just like you. They all tell us how frustrating it is to not be able to reach more clients. How it would be so much easier to help clients progress if the clients didn’t have to worry about transportation for face to face meetings all the time. How stressful it can be when clients show up for meetings and they either haven’t done their assigned work or their mental health has taken a downward turn. How it’s so costly when they book time for clients and then the clients cancel last minute or just don’t show up at all.

We hear you and we’re here to help you change the annoying parts of coaching in to ways to help clients succeed!

What’s in NANAWorks?

Mindset App

Clients can track their mindset through our integrated app. Updates happen in real time and can help you detect patterns and head off issues before they become a crisis. Progress tracking is proven method of increasing success in attaining goals and changing behavior.

Digitized Assessments and Intake Forms

How much coaching time is taken up from clients doing assessment that they can manage on their own? Choose from our variety of assessments such as the standard DASS and more. Assign to your client through your dashboard and then see the results before you meet. See how your clients responds to certain assesments and track patterns.

Online Learning

Use our online learning platform with autism and employment specific content to help your clients achieve employment faster! Our library includes topics such as getting ready for change, dealing with interviews, advocating for yourself and more. Give your clients the opportunity to learn from other experts, make your job easier and improve their self esteem through accelerated learning! 


What Else Makes NANAWorks Ausome?

Our whole goal is to get you to 0 (zero, nada, niente) admin tasks. Or as close to 0 as possible.

Most organizations are using tools designed for sales management or healthcare management. Why is this bad? It means you’re spending too much time managing inefficient software and taking away time from helping clients. This is the opposite of ausome.


NANAWorks is designed to work seamlessly with the needs of autism employment service providers and the unique needs of the autism community. No more bloated software with tools you don’t need. Our dashboard is user friendly and equipped with some agility that puts the can in kanban.


Create robust reports for managers, board members and funders quickly and efficiently. Need stats for how many folks got jobs this month? Done! Need stats on how many folks went through certain programs? Done! Need to know how many clients showed up for their appointments? Done!


Email is great but when you want to send a quick note to your team or even better, use Dance Party Mode to celebrate a client success, our team chat feature is just what you need!


We all know that progress to employment shouldn’t just happen during meetings but it can be hard to keep momentum going. Our task manager creates the ability to assign tasks to clients, give deadlines and clear instructions and we’ve built Mosquito Mode to help with reminders.


NANAWorks has automated some cool stuff to make your job easier. It is built to recognize certain behaviour patterns and interactions and send automated responses to clients to help them keep progressing and keep you from stressing.



We can help you configure NANAWorks for the way that works best for your team. Need to share access to a client quickly and easily? Done. Did a staff member move positions? Reassign the client in a few steps and don’t lose any information. Need Oz Mode? We’ve got that too.


Most organizations offer programs for clients to participate in. Tracking progress, completion and drop out points can be a hassle. NANAWorks makes it easier for you to see exactly what client is where in what program and what they can do next!

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