Neurodiversity In Advanced Manufacturing

Solving the talent gap in advanced manufacturing with a talent solution.

what can neurodiversity look like?

We’re excited to be prioritizing three unique and valuable neurodivergent diagnoses: Autism, ADD / ADHD and Dyslexia. Our past projects have demonstrated through different discovery tools that individuals with these diagnoses possess the aptitude, numerical proficiency, 3-dimensional visualization skills and innovative thinking abilities to make them promising candidates for a wide range of advanced manufacturing and trades roles.

why is it important to solve the advanced manufacturing talent gap?

Not only is advanced manufacturing and trades experiencing an unprecedented talent crisis, the neurodiverse community’s employment prospects have not improved for at least the past 10 years with an unemployment rate of 75%. Research has shown that it’s not because neurodivergent individuals are bad employees but that hiring practices haven’t really changed in over 60 years.

No wonder we’ve got a problem.  

It’s costing us in many ways including a high unemployment rate for people who are fully capable and ready to fill the talent gap. Canadians, just like you, who might need a different way to interview or a slightly longer onboarding process. It’s time we learned that there’s a better way to hire and more people than we realized who are ready to come to work.

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