Neurodiversity and Advanced Manufacturing

Candidates Information: Creating employment opportunities for neurodiverse Canadians.

There is an unemployment crisis and an employment crisis happening in Canada right now. How can we have both happening at the same time? Because neurodiverse individuals are experiencing a 75% unemployment or underemployment rate.

Advanced manufacturing and trades are experiencing an unprecedented level of difficulty in hiring and employees. 78% of employers struggle to find and keep talent across Canada. What does this create? An opportunity!

This program is designed to work with employers and neurodiverse candidates to create possible job matches and solve two problems at once. Interested in learning more? Keep reading!


intake assessment

Go through our intake process to learn more about your personality, workplace strengths and whether a role in advanced manufacturing or trades is the right fit for you.

Hiring Support

Meet with our neurodiversity employment specialists to work on building your resume, interview skills and job readiness.

Employer Education

Teaching employers about the value of hiring from the neurodiverse talent pool and creating more inclusive workplaces.

ongoing support

If you are one of our successful job candidates, we’re available for 3 months after you’re hired for support.

are you tired of limited career options?

We agree! That’s why we’ve launched our second program to help neurodiverse Canadians gain information on roles in advanced manufacturing and get ready to be a job candidate.  Not all candidates will be successful but that doesn’t mean you won’t be at some point. We focus on “not yet” vs never and identify opportunities for competency gap coaching.

Our previous project showed that neurodiverse individuals have the aptitude and base skills in verbal, numerical and three dimensional thinking skills to consider roles in advanced manufacturing as a career option.

SocialliiASD Inc. services are supported in part by funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)


Candidates must be:


  • Be identified as being either: autistic, dyslexic or ADHD
  • 18+ years of age
  • have achieved a high school diploma (OSSD)
  • be independent in their ability to travel to and from work
  • be able to handle or work towards a 40 hour work week
  • Able to accomplish tasks with little to no supervision
  • Enjoy working with hands and being active
  • Good with repetitive aspects of work

positions such as:


Quality assurance


General machine operator

shipper / receiver


Need trades?

we’re exploring that as well!

Interested in applying to or learning about our program?

Please fill out the form and one of our team will be in touch within 3 business days!

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