Meet Our Board

Kyle Cooper

Board Member

Occupation: Baker 


  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Biking

Justin Demone

Board Member

Greetings, I am Justin DeMone 

I am very much interested in:

  • Music of many genres & styles  
  • Fantasy, mythology, fairy tales, magic etc. 
  • Nature, wilderness, oceans, mountains & most living things 
  • Psychology, philosophy, biology, astronomy, history & human sciences

I consider myself to be reasonably skilled in:

  • Wood working & construction 
  • Sculpting & design

Aidan Dowsett

Board Member

I enjoy playing Magic the Gathering, D&D, video games, going outdoors and hanging out with my pets. I have three dogs named Bella, Chewy, and Artie. My favourite activities to do outdoors is camping, hiking, and kayaking. Magic the Gathering is a trading card game that I have played for 9 years.


I want to be a part of social ASD is to meet up with people that are just like me and to be able to do fun activities with them.

Paulette Goddard

Scroll Keeper

Fern Johnson

Board Member

Hi I’m Fern , and I live with autism , disability and my amazing service dog Edison. I’m kind of a Jack of all trades in terms of hobbies and skills (art, cooking , crocheting, and nature loving) and I like to think I’m kinds funny.

I am a part of socialiiasd because I want people to know “a different kind of autism” it looks different for everyone on the spectrum and everyone has different needs , I want to use my voice and point of privilege to make the world a better place

Natalie Keleman

My interests include:
Sewing/Crafts, Fashion, Art (Painting, Sculpture, Photography)
Designing, Decorating Jewels/Jewelry/Trinkets, Hosting Parties
Baking/Confectionary in General
Media (Fantasy, Comedy, Animation)
Mythology/ Magic, Dreams, Animals
Music (Pop (classic and modern), EDM, Classic Rock, OST), Dancing/Partying
Entertaining, Interacting and Charity

Norma Mullen

Board Member

Elizabeth Plouffe

Board Member

Hi I’m Elizabeth
I’m the co-founder of SocialiiASD and the proud Momma of an autistic son. 
My interests include: reading, baking, Marvel movies, watching Bob Ross, hiking and volunteering.

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