Self Awareness

Through Martial Arts

Mindfulness Through Body Connection

Hi, my name is Justin DeMone and Welcome to this page!

Have you ever wanted to become more and transform your life but were unsure how to go about it? You are in the right place! I am a personal trainer who specializes in martial arts practises such as Qi Gong for the purpose of cultivating inner strength, clarity, and calmness of mind. 

Welcome to 8 Weeks of Self-Discovery

What is this Program? Why would you do it? What is it for or supposed to do? What will you learn? What it has done for me.

I learned these forms from another program called 12-month Self-Mastery by Shaolin.Online. The forms that I am choosing to teach in this program are the ones that I am finding the most beneficial to myself.

This program is intended to help you to unlock more of yourself and reach your full potential as a human being. This is a snapshot taken out of an already existing program that is 12 months long by Shaolin Temple Europe at Shaolin. Online. I created the 8 Weeks of Self-Discovery program because I understand that not everyone is willing to commit to 12 months. I have chosen the exercises that I find the most valuable and that I understand the best to share in my own program.

Who is the program for?

Individuals who:

The kind of person who spends much of their time playing video games, watching TV, sitting back and passively watching their life go by. What is seen on the screen is not real, they are only illusions. You are not really living. This program is for people who do not yet know the courage to pursue their dreams and fully participate in life. Awaken to your senses and what more to life there really is to truly discover yourself, your life and your potential. 

We will have 8 people per program and run three programs per year.

Learn about the program

What exactly is it that we are doing?

This is rooted in Qi Gong – What is Qi Gong? The practice of aligning one’s breath, attention, and movement into one. So, what that means is that if I extend my arm I do it synchronized with my breath and my focus is not on what is going on in my thoughts or anything else. My attention is on the action of extending the arm with the breath. Therefore, we must be aware of three things at once to bring them together. The breath, the movement, and the mind. Mindfulness is not having no thoughts; it is consciously choosing to fill up your mind with something in the present moment. There is a difference between filling up your mind with thoughts about something and filling up your mind with the experience of that something itself. 

Interested in signing up?

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* This course is open to everyone and is inclusive of neurodivergent individuals.

* The course last for 8 weeks and participants are expected to attend each session. This is NOT a drop in. Participants MUST be registered.

* There is a fee of $20 to be paid on the first session day. All monies go to Justin DeMone. SASD is a sponsor of the event space and other support.

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