What We Stand For

We are an autism focused / autism driven social group for autistic adults who are 18+ and independent. Why? Because sometimes you just need to find the right tribe to hang out with and you need a little help finding it.

Due to the pandemic, SocialliiASD began online

We had online games nights hosted by our very own Aidan Dowsett. We did an online movie night. We even did an online craft night which was run by our very own Fern! Now we’re back in to face to face events and we’d love you to join us!

Do you have ideas? We’d love to hear them! 


What’s a Minifesto? It’s our community code made up from our vision and splashed with our mission!


All members will be 18+, identify as being on the autism spectrum, be independent in social settings and be willing to put the time in to building relationships.  All members will act with respect and kindness to all other members of SocialliiASD and have compassion and understanding for individuals personalities and abilities.


* We will embrace individuality, creativity and freedom of expression as long as it is respectful of other members.

* We will build and maintain a collaborative mindset around group development and direction.

* We will meet members where they are in regards to social interaction and will respect the way that they choose to engage with the group.

* All ideas are an opportunity for experimentation and evaluation and are welcome in the discussion as long as they are not offensive.

* We will deliver monthly social opportunities which are age and interest appropriate and are driven by the members of SocialliiASD.

* A growth mindset for self advocacy leadership will be encouraged through offering trainings, workshops, access to mentors and peer support.

* The SocialliiASD board will have at least 40% of the positions filled by members of the autism community.

* We will be an inclusive group which welcomes whole heartedly members who identify on the LGBTQ2+ spectrum.

* Bullying, demeaning speech or any hateful expression will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate intervention and possible removal of the individual from the group.

See who created our minifesto!

Want in? See what our group is up to!


We had an online music share night and it was so much fun! Each person got to share music styles or songs which were important to them. We’ve continued that on our Facebook page and are planning a jam session for the summer!


Are you an artist? Could be knitting, could be painting, could be an appreciation for art in general. We’re creating the Artisitic’s Collective so we can connect autistic artists to inspire and create together. We’re planning on creating a mentorship program so if you’d like to take your art to the next level, we’ll connect you to someone who’s already making it happen!


We are lucky to have a trained chef on our Board whose speciality happens to be incredible cookies. Are you interested in cooking? Looking to learn more? We’re trying to grow this group so that we can expand palates and ideas for new recipes and mix up some old ones!


If you happen to be a movie lover, this might be the group for you. Our members enjoy everything from action movies to Marvel to Anime. As we grow, we’ll set up movie nights at our location or we’ll head out to the local theatre and enjoy the big screen!


Are you someone who enjoys getting out for bike rides or hikes? Need a buddy to get out more? It’s one of the reasons we meet outside in the summer – enjoy some friends and sunshine at the same time. This year we’re working on a Conqueror’s Challenge and our members are earning a medal through being active!

Sound like fun? Visit our facebook group below to learn more!

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